Put that down and be a person

So I have an iPad now. And that doesn’t mean my face would be glued on it 85% of the 24 hours we have in a day unlike some of my friends who willingly refrain from talking with other people because their hands are too busy sending text messages with their cellular phones or tapping their pads just to make a whale collect bubbles and prevent it from falling. I do play games but not to the point that it’s gonna be the only thing I do the whole day.

After class one day, we proceeded to the pav (pavilion) where we usually hang out to eat lunch and just meet with friends. I saw a pile of iPads on a table and put  mine one top. A normal person would say, “Wow! Rich kids!” But then there’s me, who would quickly realize and say “That’s brilliant! We can socialize now.”

We have all seen photos of social groups where the only thing you could see are their heads down, busy manipulating their gadgets and never seeming to care about the events happening around them or even the existence of the person sitting next to them who has a possibility of stealing their gadget. When I opened the photo roll of my iPad, I saw a few photos similar to what I just said. I’m assuming that my dad put those in it to remind me that this is just a gadget that would help me connect with them, get me through some of our lessons in school easier and of course, in taking memories. It’s not a material to get my attention away from all the better and more substantial things happening around me.

So we all put down our iPads, iPhones, iTouches, all the “i” thingies, cellular phones and all those robotic things down so we can be real persons who talk with real people and share stories, sentiments, laugh, cry and just enjoy what life has in store for us. This is a great idea for parties, reunions, dinners and even when you’re just eating at home with your family. It strengthens your bond with the people you love and wish to keep in your life. I don’t mind missing out on the things happening around Twitter or Facebook because those are just temporary things. Real relationships last a lifetime.

DSC_0922And if you’re wondering how I took the photo, NO I did not break the rules. I just got my phone from the pile before everyone else left and so that you would be able to see it and read about my blog about it. Thank you very much.


4 responses to “Put that down and be a person

  1. Nice article, I like the idea of piling the devices up on the table, because I find it always very annoying if someone stares on his or her screen (checking mail, social networks, news etc.) when talking to each other. I know that it requires a lot of willpower not to tingle around with iPhone, iPad or the Android equivalents, but I think it is important to have some technology-free moments, too

    • Thank you for that! It’s very seldom you meet people who share the same thoughts as you. Thank you! I hope people would now consider talking with other real people and not creating virtual characters of themselves.

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